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Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

  • The federally subsidized program that provides protection against yield and/or quality loss from natural causes (weather related and certain unavoidable perils) including disease, drought, excessive moisture and freeze.
  • Revenue Protection (RP) policies are available for certain crops and combine both yield and price protection.
  • The same price regardless of the agent you purchase it from.
  • Spring and Fall Sales Closing Dates.

Crop Hail

  • Private unsubsidized insurance for hail and/or fire damage.
  • Can be purchased as a standalone policy or can be used along with a Multi-Peril policy.
  • Prices vary across the different AIPs, so contact us for the most competitive rates.
  • Coverage may be purchased throughout the year.

Pasture, Rangeland & Forage Rainfall Index (PRF)

  • Rainfall coverage for perennial haying and grazing acres.
  • Coverage on irrigated and dryland acres.
  • Covers lack of rainfall only.
  • December 1st Sales Closing Date.

Annual Forage Rainfall Index (AF RI)

  • Rainfall coverage for annually planted crops intended for feed or fodder.
  • Coverage on irrigated and dryland acres.
  • Covers lack of rainfall only.
  • July 15th Sales Closing Date.

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

  • Federally subsidized price protection on cattle, lambs and swine.
  • Written on a per head basis.
  • No margin calls.
  • Coverage may be purchased throughout the year.

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)

  • Gross margin protection on cattle, dairy cattle and swine.
  • Cattle & Swine: provides protection against loss of gross margin (market value of livestock minus feed costs) .
  • Dairy Cattle: provides protection against loss of gross margin when feed costs rise or milk prices drop (market value of milk minus feed costs).

Livestock Mortality

  • Providing the following types of livestock insurance:
  • Animal Mortality & Limited Mortality
  • Pasture Cattle (Specified Peril)
  • Fair & Special Events
  • Specialty Animal
  • Feedlot
  • Dairy
  • Swine Confinement
  • Livestock Market
  • Frozen Semen & Embryos- Storage & Transit
  • Transit (Cargo)

Farm & Ranch Insurance

  • Broad range of coverages for both farm owners and commercial ag products.
  • Offer comprehensive coverage for home, buildings, equipment, stock, liability and commercial agricultural operations as well as excess liability options (auto available in conjunction with package policy).
  • Specialized programs for dairy and equine risks.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)

  • Federally subsided insurance against unexpected declines in quarterly milk revenue from milk sales relative to a guaranteed coverage level.
  • Two revenue pricing options for determining coverage and indemnities:
    1) Class Pricing Option uses a combination of Class III and Class IV milk prices.
    2) Component Pricing Option uses the component milk prices for butterfat, protein and other solids.
  • Coverage (by quarter) may be purchased at specific times throughout the year.

Weather Protection

  • Customizable single peril weather coverage against heat, drought, freeze, wind, excess moisture and more.

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